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The Growth Co.
healing from the roots | where nature meets self-care

…in diversity there is beauty and strength. —maya angelou

How does your garden grow? With water and rain and a million bugs and flowers, of course. A diverse garden is a healthy garden. And though we all come from different backgrounds these are a few of the things we have in common:



In our garden you’re not just customers. You are our friends. You are our family. You are part of this community and we value you. We want to help you reach your goals and support you where we can, even outside of doTERRA. Our love and growth does not end with oils.


We stand strong in our own truths and health values. We have the courage and confidence to stand in our truth without diminishing your truth.



We openly embrace and welcome those who are different than us; we are all humans regardless of gender, sexuality, skin color, or whatever else people get offended by these days. We want you here. Your unique experiences and perspectives are what give our garden life.

self-care + Self-healing

We encourage self-care and whatever that looks like for you. It also means we encourage you to take your wellness into your own hands—learn about the oils! Make blends! Share them with your friends! Give your body permission to heal and give yourself permission to be a part of that healing.