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LRP stands for “loyalty rewards program”, but I look at it as a “lifestyle rewards program”—you’re not just here to buy oils and set them on the shelf where you’ll never see them again. You’re here to make a change in your life; whether that’s getting better sleep, feeling more energized, reducing the amount of toxins in your home, or creating a self-care routine, we have products to help and you can earn free stuff.


Your LRP order works like a monthly subscription box.

A subscription box for all of your favorite health products—I mean, what could be better? I don’t know how many times I’ve stood in front of all of the vitamins at the health food store, reading labels, trying to sift through to find the best. Now I just add them to my monthly order and I know I’m getting the highest and safest quality products. And I can change my order monthly.

You get points back on every order over 50 points.

Let’s say you spend 100 points on your lifestyle rewards order. In your first three months you’re going to get 10% of that order back in points. So on your very first order you’re going to get 10 points back plus whatever you paid in shipping. Points = FREE PRODUCT. Do you get 10 points back every time you spend $100 at the health food store or even at Target?

Cancel anytime!

You’re not locked in once you start! If you need to cancel your order, we totally understand and you can easily do it from your own account.

What does a monthly order look like?

Literally, whatever you want it to look like. You can order as little as 1 point and still keep your existing points.

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