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Hey, I’m Alisha. Tree hugger. Earth lover. Wild mother.

I’m never sure what to put in these “about” pages. Since growth is one of my values I feel like I’m constantly changing, trying new things, and I find it’s hard to define myself. But here are some things:

I believe that plants heal, which is one of the reasons I love essential oils so much. There is a time and a place for modern medicine, but it shouldn’t be the first or only option we have!

I believe in adventures; not only do they feed our soul, they keep our mind and body healthy. I try to have as many adventures as possible in a year and I love sharing them with my kids when possible.

I believe that we can create the lives we dream of and I’m a huge fan of learning about the law of attraction, energy, vibration, and frequency.

I’ve always been a free spirit, kinda hippie, and kinda witchy. If you think crystals are weird, plants don’t heal, and that tarot cards are evil, then we probably aren’t a good fit and you might be happier…somewhere else. Not here ♥ I like butterflies. Sometimes I raise monarchs and growing wildflowers is my favorite. I love the mountains and the ocean, but I live in Kansas City Missouri where there are neither.

I studied health and wellness in college, but dropped out after earning my associates degree in general studies because it seemed that all of my classes were geared towards appeasing administration than about teaching people to stay well. It’s one of the reasons I love sharing doTERRA’s essential oils with other people; they’re simple to use and effective. I have just started year three with this company (you can read my super long doTERRA story here) and I fall more in love with what I do every single day.

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For info on essential oils and how to get them, it’s best if you contact me through Facebook or Instagram for the quickest response! For all other inquiries fill out the form below.

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