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Healing from the Roots.

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Please answer the following questions
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this is why I preach self-care

And I’m lying in the sunlight
chest heavy
gasping for rays like they’ll
fill my chest with light
hands clutching the grass
willing them to grow roots
and sprout flowers from my lungs.

This is how I felt for a good chunk of my life the last eight years and it wasn’t like me. At all. I’ve always been a pretty upbeat person, the one who makes jokes to keep things less awkward (or more--you decide), but this was something else.

It seems that nobody talks about the identity crisis some of us go through after marriage and babies. I felt invisible. I felt like I was drowning. I had unhealed wounds that caused me to shrink back into silence because it was more comfortable than speaking up for myself...until it wasn’t anymore. I got to the point where I wished I would disappear. The point where I thought my kids and my husband would be better off without me, which of course, is complete nonsense because I mean--I’m worth it ;)

As our marriage was breaking down and I was giving up, there was a moment of light that allowed for growth: therapy, lots of healing, really deep nature-based self-care, helped me replant and grow deeper roots. 

Preach what you love instead of bashing what you hate--this is why I PREACH self-care: because you are worth loving and you are worth living.