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What if you could create the life you dreamed of?

What if you were free to do whatever you wanted? Go wherever whenever? Where would you go? How would you live? What would you give up in order to create it? What would you do to make it happen?

Growth & freedom

Growth and freedom are my two core values; doTERRA gives me both. I’m able to grow my business at my own pace in my own way—there are no limits!

Grow with us

I like to say that what we do isn’t hard, but it takes hard work; if you’re looking for a “get rich quick” thing, this isn’t it, but you can go as fast as you want. If you’re looking to stay comfortable then this isn’t for you either–but if you’re willing to jump in, push yourself, and help others, then we would work well together! 

This is a business of building community and connection. I have not done this alone; I surrounded myself with incredible and supportive business partners. Leaders that are now some of my best friends! I would not be where I am without them showing up consistently. I am so grateful for their roles in our tribe!

I will support you where you are. If you're looking for someone to drag you through this then I am the wrong person for you. With that being said, I will run as hard as you do! If you're showing up, I will continue to show up for you too ♥

I've built a lot via social media (Instagram) with a following I already had built strong relationships with. This is good, but is not the only way to build and if you’re only looking to build online to stay in your comfort zone, this may not be for you because you’re already limiting yourself right out of the gate! Try different ways of sharing information and see what is best for you! Holding small home classes, one on one appointments, make and take workshops are all good ways to build your business. There is no one size fits all way to build!

  • We have a team call via Zoom once a month for training and Q & A

  • I am available a couple of times a month for one on one mentor calls as well! I try to work with your schedule as much as I can! Plus, you can text or message me pretty much whenever to get help when you need it!

  • We have a small Facebook group for "oil guides" (wellness advocates) so you can ask questions and share successes there with other guides.

What does it take from you?

In order to qualify for commissions, you need to place a 100 pv order each month; if you are looking to understand the compensation plan then check out this video! You also get a doTERRA specific website where people can order product or open memberships, plus have access to doTERRA’s strength-training videos. But placing a 100 pv order is the very least you need to do to grow in this business! These are the steps that will help you on your journey:


If you’re considering doTERRA, commit for at least one year before you quit. It doesn’t mean that you won’t want to quit before year one is over—you might want to quit in your first two weeks, tbh. Sometimes it’s hard to keep going when you aren’t seeing the results right away. But everything is a season. You will get there if you commit to showing up and doing the work consistently.


Consistency is the key to growing your business. And I don’t mean, “consistently, once every three months.” I mean consistently, week to week, day to day, you are doing the things to move yourself forward in your business. For example; you hold a class every week on a set day and time. You connect (follow up) with 2 people every day or 10 people each week. You create new, authentic connections with people you actually want to be friends with. You show up, even when you don’t feel like doing the work.


Commit to holding classes consistently! I challenge you to hold at least four classes in your first month, and then at least 2 the following months for the next year. We have resources for teaching classes, as well as training videos from doTERRA so you know exactly what to say in your class—even if you’re new to oils!


When you create authentic connections with people your business will thrive. This is easier to do in person, but also something you can do online, it may just take longer! Do not try and force relationships that do not feel good or one-sided. Rather, nourish friendships and relationships that come naturally. “I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” ―Brené Brown


Authentic connection creates community. Be friends with your customers! Know their family, their likes and dislikes, continue to build your relationship even after they’ve become a customer. We all want to belong somewhere; invite your customers to join our communities and continue the connection.


Courage is defined as: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. Brene Brown says “Courage is asking for what you need.” We need both definitions in this business. I need to know what you need support with, what you’re afraid of, what makes you excited about the future even though it might scare you. We need to move through the difficult times to reach your goals. We need to move past the fear of being “sales-y” and move into the courage to serve and create change.


grow with us.